Personal Voice Training

* Our goal is to help you develop and build self-confidence, self esteem and to enhance your image and charisma through your voice and your performance skills with voice training.

* It has been stated that speaking in front of other people in a public forum, is second only to death, as the greatest fear people face in their lives.

* Private training provides one the opportunity to fully address their own vocal and performance skills issues with the trainer and to work at correcting and developing one’s individual skills, while becoming an outstanding public speaker.

Private training includes:

  • Proper Breathing techniques, posture and movement
  • Finding and speaking in your true voice
  • Developing your sound and vocal resonance
  • Enunciation, pronunciation, diction and articulation coaching
  • Vocal and Performance skills training (includes acting, body and eye movement)
  • Accent reduction through accent neutralization (when requested)
  • Mastering the “9P’s of Performance”

Group Coaching includes:

  • All of the above set in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.



What is Passionation? 
Passionation is a process that enables its participants to step outside of their personal comfort zones. The workshop invites one to examine and to understand the importance of communicating well. Through practical and fun exercises, participants develop the skills that enable them to connect with an audience by:  

  • Understanding their relationship to an audience
  • Assessing the needs of that audience
  • Re-igniting their self-motivation
  • Feeling the connection that one creates through passion
  • Employing the 9P’s of Performance

“Passionation” = Presence + Persuasion + Passion = Power

“Passionation” is useful for whom? 
This workshop is designed for any individual who seeks to enhance their presence and image in any environment or situation that requires human interaction.

Why should you engage in a “Passionation” workshop? 
Incorporating “Passionation” is a huge benefit for any employer, as it helps staff to become more productive and satisfied on the job. Incorporating “Passionation” into your daily life allows you to become more confident, persuasive, and effective when interacting with others in your personal and business life. “Passionation” welcomes its participants into a fun and non-stressful, team-building, environment. 

Why Us: 
Irene Hoogendorn and Adrian Luces together bring years of diverse business and professional experience, reflecting the essence of their passion for helping others to better communicate. After months of collaboration and design, Irene and Adrian developed “Passionation” with a desire to share their own passion for, and knowledge and expertise of, effective communication.

“Passionation” workshops include: 

  • 2 half-day, 4 hour sessions delivered on-site
  • Maximum of 8 participants
  • Targeted coaching in a group environment 
  • Video-taped sessions
  • Interactive exercises and discussions
  • Fun and safe environment

Where: On-site – Click HERE to go to the Passionation™ website


* The A.S.P.I.R.E.™ workshop is designed to allow those who would otherwise not have the experience of studying a performance art, to do so in a group setting.

* Its purpose is to develop the vocal performance and communications capabilities of its participants in an effort to enhance their overall image, by engaging in exercises designed to improve one’s sound, diction, body posture and movement.

* The atmosphere in the studio is one of safety and support, which allows participants to take chances that surprise themselves and each other. In today’s economy, presenting well is an invaluable asset.

* The A.S.P.I.R.E.™ program emboldens its participants to step outside their own personal safety and comfort zones, through which, becoming a more comfortable and confident public speaker is simplified and made possible and enjoyable.

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